The FLAVOR! After years of grain-fed supermarket steaks at home, we forgot what real beef tasted like. Clean, pure flavor, intense beefy, yet still so tender. - Jaden

It’s impossible to find pasture-raised meat and poultry where I live, and I really want to support farmers who are doing the right thing to raise healthy and happy animals - Samantha


Like the tenderloin of beef and pork, the chicken breast is often seen as the most desirable cut of poultry. Because our birds are pasture-raised they are nutrient dense and tasty.


100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Our steers live their entire life on fresh pasture. The meat-to-fat ratio is 80/20, which makes it lean but also flavorful. Use it to make the best burgers, combine it with ground pork for juicy meatballs, or crumble it into tacos or lettuce wraps.


100% pasture-raised chicken. Our birds enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and fresh green grass every day! Leave it whole and roast it or spatchcock it and fry it. Baked, grilled, or sous vide—the possibilities for preparing whole chickens are almost limitless.


It probably goes without saying that everybody goes crazy for our bacon, but did you know that Grass Roots bacon is naturally cured? It has no added nitrates or nitrites—other than those in the celery powder we use in our rub



Dark meat lovers flock to Grass Roots pasture-raised chicken thighs. The bone in this cut helps the meat stay juicy while it cooks and adds a depth of flavor.


The Grass Roots grass-fed ribeye is well marbled, and these ribbons of fat help lock in flavor and juiciness as the meat cooks. An excellent steak for grilling or pan searing, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this cut


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Dave Asprey’s tasted the best grass-fed meat from across the world.
Watch to find out why he calls Grass Roots “impressively good meat”:

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100% USA Raised and Processed. 

Unlike our competitors, we can guarantee all our livestock is lovingly raised and processed in the USA.

No Outsourced Processing 

Other companies outsource processing, but we bought a plant so we could guarantee the highest processing standards - no nasty chemicals

No Subscription Necessary 

Order what you want, when you want. Get coop member pricing without committing to monthly deliveries. 

Track Your Meat From Farm To Plate 

We are the ONLY meat producer that  let you track where, when, and how the animal was raised, processed, & shipped.

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We ship to you vacuum-sealed on dry ice. Your order will arrive still frozen for maximum freshness!

Store your meat in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy

Grocery stores can freeze and unfreeze meat up to 14 times before they sell it

At Grass Roots, we freeze our products at the peak of freshness—just once—then ships it direct to your door.


Get $30 off your first order over $150. Tap to claim your offer and access co-op pricing now:

0% of chicken bathed in chlorine

No antibiotics ever, no pesticides ever, no hormones ever, & all supplemental feed is certified non-GMO

Animals are raised outside in small batches on fresh pastures

Our farms use regenerative agriculture, builds soils, regenerates the land, and slows climate change